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About the Webinar :

It’s time for banks to get conversational with customers. The accelerated mobile usage by consumers and rapid advances in the AI and ML technology is forcing the banking and finance industry to rethink the way they engage with digital customers in more frictionless and convenient ways. As consumers use multiple communication channels to access all types of services in their day-to-day lives, they expect a similar level of service and convenience from their bank. Banking Virtual Assistants are now enabling banks to explore new opportunities to transform customer experience and enhance customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates, all while driving down costs.

BankAssit.ai, a complete AI-powered conversational banking solution enables banks to engage with customers in multiple languages in a seamless manner. It is a fully functional, omnichannel, and domain trained virtual assistant that enables natural conversations to address customer queries and drive interactions to enhance customer satisfaction. The assistant is pre-trained with 300+ most common bank use cases and can efficiently handle complex human queries through Mobile/Web channels.

In this webinar you will learn how to :

icon-1 BankAssist.ai augments customer's banking experience and humanize their conversations
Group 76 Virtual assistants can help consumers with their banking queries, payment reliefs, loan transactions, and much more
Group 77-1 Call centers are leveraging the power of voice/chat-based conversational techniques

Speaker Profile

Peter Berbee, VP - Financial Services Product Management

Peter Berbee is a seasoned product development executive who drives innovation within Kore.ai’s financial services offerings. As an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, he blends technology, automation, and digital capabilities to deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences that increase loyalty, repeat business, and revenue growth.

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Paul Andrusyshyn, GM - Financial Services

Paul Andrusyshyn focuses on delivering next-generation talk/text and digital solutions leveraging the company’s multi-tenant low-code/no-code conversational AI platform. Paul brings more than 25 years of experience leading business units in areas such as digital banking, fintech, technology modernization, and innovation, consumer banking, commercial banking, sales, and consulting.

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