Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Insurance Industry

As per Gartner's estimations in 3 years 85% of companies will be using automation and AI as a part of their business.

Insurance is one such industry which foresees unprecedented growth with the adoption of AI. Chatbots will help insurance players achieve digital transformation, optimize cost and be more customer-centric and efficient. Machine Learning is all set to replace human insurance agents, simplify claims and underwriting, bring in seamless customer experiences and help in product innovation. Chatbots are the key to new age conversational insurance.

This brochure throws light on how chatbots can :

  • Be your digital insurance agent and be available to resolve your queries 24/7
  • Simplify complex claims handling and unwriting
  • Provide personalized suggestions on insurance products and services
  • Positively impact the companies ROI and TCO

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