Building Virtual Assistants with the World’s Leading Conversational AI Platform

Introducing the CX/EX Chronicles: Elevate Customer Experience (CX) Strategies with Conversational, Intelligent and Self-learning Virtual Assistants

Customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted. Organizations must be responsive to consumer demand for CX excellence in order to build and maintain lifetime loyalty among their customers. Today, consumers have ultimate choice in nearly every industry, from financial services, to telecommunications, to online retail. Knowing how to provide the best engagement, every time, is the key to keeping customers coming back for more!

Conversational AI is quickly becoming the go-to technology for business owners and CXOs to elevate their customer experiences over voice and digital.Investing resources in Conversational AI can drive better business outcomes that directly impact the bottom line.

Join our team of experts for an introduction to the Experience Optimization (XO) Platform and learn why it is regarded as the industry-leading platform in the conversational AI market today.

This demo will give you insight into:
 >The XO platform and out-of-the-box solutions catered towards specific industries
->Key capabilities that differentiate our platform from others
->Our powerful drag and drop dialog builder to help you design the most natural and human-like conversations
->Build once, deploy anywhere approach to help leverage your virtual assistant across any channel, language and dialect
->Our unique multi-engine approach to AI resulting in the most accurate user intent[s] detection
->Best use cases to apply Conversational AI and how to get started with the XO platform today

Our experts will demonstrate the XO Platform and its powerful capabilities that optimize employee and customer experience end-to-end regardless of voice or digital channels.

Presented by:

Nick Orlando - Director, Product Marketing,
Gurpreet Singh - Senior Solutions Engineer,