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Chatbots vs. Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Making the Right Choice For Your Business

Want to learn all about Chatbots and IVAs?
Look no further.

This whitepaper will help you understand everything about:
  • The bots around us and what went wrong
  • The difference between chatbots and IVAs
  • The capabilities and benefits of IVAs
  • Use cases of chatbots vs. IVAs
  • Use cases and examples of how companies are using IVAs
  • The business outcomes with IVAs
IVAs - Thinking Beyond Chatbots  _ Whitepaper with screen-2 copy

More on this Whitepaper

With the ever-evolving consumer behavior, businesses are looking for better ways to optimize experiences for their customers. For this, many companies have tried to embrace the use of chatbots but to no avail. In this paper, we give you detailed insights into chatbots and why they failed. You'll learn how and why businesses now think beyond chatbots to enhance their consumer experiences with artificial intelligence-backed technology. This means deploying intelligent virtual assistants(IVAs) that can offer more human-like responses as they have the cognitive capability to decipher the nuances of human conversations. 

We discuss at length the pros and cons of chatbots vs. IVAs, their real-life applicability and business use cases. Towards the end of the whitepaper, you should be able to determine which one is right for your business.

Chatbots or IVAs? Read this whitepaper to make the right choice for your business.

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