CIO How-To Kit: Your Enterprise Guide to Virtual Assistants

Access the complete CIO Toolkit for valuable resources to help you define, develop, and execute a Virtual Assistant strategy with quantifiable results for any industry or enterprise function.

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Download our comprehensive CIO Toolkit to access the list of high value resources:

  • Virtual Assistants 101 Guide: Understand Everything Your Team Needs to Know about Virtual Assistants - An overview of industry terminology, trends, and techniques to help decision-makers pave the way for their Virtual Assistant strategy.
  • Executive Overview: Know What the Media and Analysts Are Saying About Virtual Assistants - A compilation of industry insights for revenue growth and cost-savings potential across enterprises everywhere.
  • White Paper: Read About the New Paradigm of ‘Conversational’ Commerce - A white paper describing how ‘conversational commerce’ can bridge the gaps between traditional customer experience shortcomings and what customers actually expect.
  • Use Case Guide: See Real AI Virtual Assistant Use Cases for Customers - A compilation guide that explains and shows real customer-facing Virtual Assistant use cases across multiple industries.
  • Use Case Guide: See Real AI Virtual Assistant Use Cases for Your Workforce - A compilation guide that explains and shows real employee-facing Virtual Assistant use cases for multiple functional areas and teams.
  • Overview: The ROI Potential of Enterprise Virtual Assistants - See how internal and customer-facing Virtual Assistant can reduce costs and drive revenue growth.
  • Questionnaire: Define Possible Use Cases for Your Virtual Assistant Strategy - A list of questions that will help you determine areas of opportunity or cost savings within your business and how you can measure the value of Virtual Assistants.
  • Template: Get Stakeholder Buy-in with a Formal Plan - A presentation template to help you explain, champion and drive acceptance of your AI Virtual Assistants strategy with internal stakeholders.
  • Questionnaire: Close the Loop: Definitions and Scoping - A list of technical questions and task definitions to prep for POC scoping and enterprise requirements.
  • Tool: Perform Due Diligence and Evaluate Solutions - A tool to help you understand and get answers to critical factors to consider when evaluating the potential solutions for your organization.
  • Solution Comparison: Compare Differing Approaches to Virtual Assistants and AI - A comparison of’s complete approach to AI Virtual Assistants against other Virtual Assistant frameworks and approaches.
  • Product Overview: Understand the Virtual Assistant Platform - An overview document outlining the key capabilities of the Virtual Assistant Platform.
  • Product Overview: See the Existing Virtual Assistants for Enterprise Systems - An introduction to the top 20 system-specific, NLP-enabled Virtual Assistants, pre-designed to perform hundreds of tasks and built for easy extension and customization with the Kore Virtual Assistant Platform.
  • Product Overview: See the Out-of-the-Box Smart Virtual Assistants Designed for a 60-Day Rollout - An introduction to the family of Smart Virtual Assistants – solutions for different functions and industries – pre-designed to perform hundreds of tasks and built for easy extension and customization using the Virtual Assistant Platform.
  • Guide: Tune the Natural Language (NL) of Your Virtual Assistants - An experience-based guide on how to tune the NL capabilities of your Virtual Assistants.
  • Checklist: Test and Deploy - A standardized and proven methodology for testing and deploying Virtual Assistants flawlessly.
  • Checklist: Drive Adoption Success - Best practices for what to consider throughout each phase of roll-out to keep constituents informed and involved.

Understanding Virtual Assistants means seeing the entire picture – what they can do, how they’re built, and the practical use cases from a direct-to-consumer and workforce perspective. With a full view, you can better visualize the unique revenue growth and cost reduction potential of Virtual Assistants, and determine the best course of action for your enterprise.