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Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers


Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers

As organizations scramble to adapt to the new normal post pandemic, Conversational AI has emerged as one of the top drivers for delivering an enhanced experience to customers, employees, and agents.

Picking the right conversational AI technology vendor has become critical as it can greatly impact an organization’s ability to achieve their digital transformation goals.

This report by Gartner offers a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape for conversational AI platform providers to understand how various vendors, including Kore.ai, differentiate themselves on scale, functionality, and strategic vision to deliver continuous value to their customers.

According to Gartner, “Conversational AI platforms will increasingly be more sophisticated with additions to support multi-use case, multidomain, and multi-industry requirements. Advanced levels of functionality offer differentiation, such as automated intent and entity detection, reduced training data needs, supporting "human in the loop," and low-code/no-code capability.”


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