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Kore.ai Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Report 2023

Unlock Exceptional Customer Experiences with AI

Exclusive insights from 1,000 consumers spanning Gen Z to Baby Boomers!

Are you tired of customers repeating their issues during service? 79% of customers find this frustrating.

It's time to rethink your customer-first approach:

  • Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

  • Enhance Loyalty and Build Stronger Relationships

  • Leverage the Power of AI for Success

Sneak Peek: Key Findings

Unlock the secrets to enhancing customer satisfaction and productivity with this report.

  • Consumers Prefer IVAs Over Basic Chatbots

  • Consumers are Interested In Automated Assistant Use Cases Across Industries

  • Consumers Prefer Companies to Utilize Automation for Complex Interactions

  • The Right Automation Implementation Leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction

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The Key to Elevating Your Customer's Experience

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