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Kore.ai Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark Report 2024

Unlocking the Future of Customer Service: Key Findings Revealed!

Exclusive insights from 1,200 consumers spanning Gen Z to Baby Boomers!

Did you know?

Customer satisfaction with AI-powered agents hinges on 5 game-changing factors:

  • Conversational Voice & Preferred Language

  • Positive, Simple Task Performance

  • 24/7 Access

  • Seamless Movement Across Modes

  • Efficiency, Accuracy and Effectiveness

Uncover in-depth insights into these critical aspects and more, shaping consumer comfort with AI-driven agents.

Insider's Insight: The Roadmap to Customer Satisfaction Starts Here.

Your Burning Questions Answered!

  • How are consumer priorities shifting & what influences their choice between live agents and AI solutions?

  • How do your consumers perceive the performance of AI-powered solutions compared to live agents?

  • How does the integration of intelligent automated agents impact businesses?

  • What are the emerging trends in AI-driven customer service solutions?

  • How can businesses improve consumer satisfaction with AI-powered solutions?

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Mastering Customer Satisfaction: Unveiling the Blueprint

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