The art of implementing a Conversational AI project

Learnings and best practices shared in a Fireside Chat with NetApp's Amarnath Purohit.

About the Webinar 

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are no longer novelties. Thus, more and more people prefer engaging with a bot to conduct a transaction or to answer any query.

If Enterprise Brands deploy AI-powered Virtual Assistants in the right manner, it can make a significant difference in customer experience and operational efficiency. Typical scenarios where Virtual Assistants come in play can be around ITSM, Conversational IVR, Intelligent Contact Centers, Customer Support, Employee Experience, and integration with CRM or ERP systems to bring about a conversational interface.

Yet, we often see that Enterprise Brands are unable to put in place the True Value of Conversational AI. As a result, they fail to realize the benefits of Conversational AI.

Please join us for a fireside chat with our very own Mini Suri and Amarnath Purohit from NetApp. They will discuss the challenges, the low hanging fruit, and the path beyond a successful pilot.

Further, they will share insights on some of the proven strategy and use cases deployed at NetApp.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Where do you Start and How do you Grow with Conversational AI
  • How to Create Diverse Business Use Cases with Conversational AI
  • What to Watch Out for in a Conversational AI Projects
  • What are Enterprise requirements when Selecting a Vendor

Speaker Profile

Mini Suri

Chief Customer Success Officer,

As the Chief Customer Success Officer, Mini leads customer success initiatives at Before this, she headed Uber’s CoE for Intelligent Automation. She has also led Citi’s Services Strategy 2020 as its Senior Vice President, focusing on enterprise automation through technologies such as chatbots, ML, and AI.

Mini Suri


Amarnath Purohit

Head of Enterprise Intelligence Automation, NetApp

At NetApp, Amar leads the Enterprise Intelligent Process Automation in leading the digital transformation strategy & solutions for Digital Cloud Platform, Conversational Virtual Assistant, Robotic Process Automation, Data Mining, Cognitive Automation, and Data Science (AI/ML) in Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid-Cloud environments.

Amarnath Purohit