Basic Training Course

Learn the fundamentals of how to build, debug, and publish AI-powered conversational bots using the Bots platform as well as how to analyze bot performance, training the NLP engine, and more.

The basic training course will get you started on the path of how to export and import bot, how to build a dialog flow for your bot, and a lot more.

Contents of the Course:

  • Brief Introduction to Chatbots
  • Introduction to Bots platform
  • Design a Conversation
  • Working with Dialog Tasks
  • Adding Welcome event to the bot
  • Adding Channels
  • Publishing a Bot
  • Debugging the Bot
  • Building the Knowledge Graph
  • Training the NLP Engine
  • Test &Debug Bot
  • Standard Responses and Default Dialog
  • Interruption Handling
  • Context Management
  • Analyzing Bot Performance
  • Enabling Small Talk for Bot
  • Sentiment Based Event Management
  • Overview of Panels and Widgets
  • Sharing Bots
  • Export and Import Bot
  • Bot Change Logs