30 Powerful Chatbot Use Cases for Enterprises

Read our eBook for a quick look into the most common, initial chatbot use cases enterprises have chosen to bring instant ROI to their business.

Chatbots have already extended into so many aspects of our daily life. In the consumer world, customers can use chatbots to order pizzas, pay bills and talk to customer support. Companies using chatbots always stay ahead from its competitors. For chatbot use cases in enterprises, an executive in a board meeting could use an enterprise bot to explore the latest sales numbers just by asking a voice-based digital assistant. An IT administrator could ask a bot in his corporate collaboration platform to check if any servers are experiencing an unusually high resource load.

How to use chatbots for business

Innovative companies want to streamline how their business operates and make it easier for employees and partners to get high-impact work done. AI-powered chatbots make this possible by turning once complex, ad-hoc people-to-system tasks into seamless conversational workflows that happen in modern communication channels like SMS, Cisco Spark, Skype, Facebook Messenger, email, company websites, internet portals, and mobile apps. 

Imagine an intelligent, Siri-like assistant that can:

  • Communicate with people, systems and things – Via a conversational UI that lives in any communication channel: SMS, mobile, web, messaging platforms, and more –Via API or service calls to enterprise systems
  • Process natural language commands from speech or text
  • Understand context, keep info in memory, analyze emotions and learn from interactions
  • Interact when needed – proactively, scheduled, ondemand
  • Complete simple tasks to highly complex workflows

This guide provides a quick look into the most common, initial chatbot use cases enterprises have chosen to deliver instant ROI. When deployed in popular business channels like SMS, mobile, web, messaging platforms, and more, these bots add instant value by improving efficiency, productivity, and system integration.

Read our eBook to understand:.

  • What an AI-rich chatbot is and what it can do
  • Top business functions where chatbots add instant value
  • 30 function-specific tasks & workflows that Global 2000 enterprises use chatbots for today