Everest Report Investigates the State of IVA Market

Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs), which are currently in the initial adoption stage, are already making their presence felt. Be it banking, healthcare, insurance, travel or hospitality, IVAs are serving the specialized needs across industries and horizontals. They are also expected to significantly change the face of many enterprise business functions.

While they generate a lot of buzz, a host of questions surround their adoption, implementation and business impact.

Just what kinds of organizations are adopting IVAs? Who are the first movers? What are the key solution characteristics? What solutions can they potentially handle? How IVAs can augment the enterprise capabilities? What kinds of vendors are dominating this market? The list is endless…

This customized excerpt from Everest Group’s ‘Conversing with AI – IVA Market Report 2019’ attempts to answer a few of them, and dives deeper into a few others.

“We were impressed by several aspects of Kore.ai’s offerings, including different intent matching models to understand customer concerns more accurately and offer more relevant results, pre-built IVAs for specific industry and function use cases, and support for reuse of components for faster IVA development. We also appreciated Kore.ai’s customized solutions and expanding capabilities in areas such as sentiment analysis, training, language, and support.”

- Sarah Burnett, Everest Group Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst.