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Infographic - How Chatbots are Transforming The Retail Industry

By 2023, over 70% of all chatbots accessed will be retail based. Furthermore, chatbot e-commerce transactions will reach $112 billion annually. – Juniper
Today retailers are in the face of stiff competition and struggle to embrace digital disruptions and provide enhanced customer experiences. For a seamless buying experience, retailers need to create new opportunities for business by fundamentally transforming the digital and in-store shopping experience. With new innovations, coming up everyday, retailers are now turning to Chatbots for reaching out to target customers in a more personalized manner.
Powered with Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots act as automated shopping assistants for your customers, improve and personalize service experiences, streamline retail operations, and simplify existing workflows. Retail bots can handle the most complex of questions, analyze consumer behavioral patterns and enhance the shopping experience by providing personalized alerts and offers.

In this infographic, you get an overview of how chatbots are digitally transforming the retail industry.

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