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How NLU is Augmenting Enterprise Automation Strategy

Enterprise Automation Strategy

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Upgrade Your Automation Game with State-of-the-art NLU

Did you know? Per Deloitte’s survey, “Combining RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is leading to an average increase of 9% in revenue, against 3% in those (enterprises) that do not combine the technologies”.


  • RPAs lack the ability to process unstructured data - in different forms, lengths, and contexts

  • This necessitates manual intervention of data inputs, which in turn increases the chance of errors

What to do?

Kore.ai's Natural Language Understanding bolsters RPAs’ ability to process unstructured data and decipher user intents using our robust ontology structure. It is robust enough to read the meaning of words despite human errors like spellings or mispronunciations. So, a seamless integration between RPAs and NLU is an absolute need of the hour.

In this webinar, we will throw light on:

2020-07-16 (2) Understanding and processing unstructured data that includes emails, forms, and documents through a combination of RPAs and Kore.ai NLU

Humanizing the RPAs to understand and accomplish complex tasks without manual intervention

Asset 8 LIVE use cases explaining how Kore.ai is helping enterprises automate complex tasks and save time, effort and money

Speaker Profile

Himanshu Pitolwala, VP, Solutions Engineering

Himanshu has 16+ years of experience working in large financial institutions. At Kore.ai, he handles pre-sales for chatbot solutions & bots platform, with a focus on front-office technology implementation & delivery.
Himanshu Pitolwala


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