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Unlock NLU Capabilities to Achieve Intelligent Automation

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Upgrade Your Automation Game with State-of-the-art NLU

The scope of AI-powered Virtual Assistants is extending in achieving Intelligent Automation. Today's automation models have their limitations while working on unstructured data.

While on the other hand, the NLU component of Kore.ai Virtual Assistants has a great ability to decipher the intent of the natural language. Efficiently process data from emails, forms, articles, and even from complex human conversations. It read, understands, and analyze complex utterances effortlessly.


In this webinar, we will throw light on:

2020-07-16 (2)

Leveraging NLU capabilities to empower the existing automation tools

Asset 8

LIVE use cases on how NLU augmented enterprise automation game


Speaker Profile

Himanshu Pitolwala, VP, Solutions Engineering

Himanshu has 16+ years of experience working in large financial institutions. At Kore.ai, he handles pre-sales for chatbot solutions & bots platform, with a focus on front-office technology implementation & delivery.
Himanshu Pitolwala

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