How to transform ITSM roles and operations with Smart Bots

How to transform ITSM roles and operations with Virtual Assistants Bots can help your IT staff complete tasks in a fraction of the time, through an easy-to-use, conversational interface. Our bots act as proactive, 24/7 virtual assistants, helping to make the service process less complicated, less labor-intensive and more cost-effective.

Check out’s brochure to know how our bots can transform ITSM roles and operations:

  • How virtual assistants can be used to allow support staff and end-users to retrieve, modify, and post information in systems of record, reducing the time spent manually populating input fields.

  • How our bots can monitor systems for user requests, such as help desk ticket submissions, and alert staff in real-time with all the details they need to address the issue.

  • How bots built on the platform can use details within alerts to auto-populate input fields of related tasks, thus creating workflows, eliminating redundancies and accelerating processes.

  • How IT help desk bots can deliver service related information on-demand or on a schedule, eliminating the need to jump across devices and screens to get the information needed.

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