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About the Webinar 

Hyperautomation is the #1 strategic technology trend in 2020, identified by Gartner. Are you excited to learn about hyperautomation, and how Conversational AI and RPA can enable it?

Banking industry has a great potential for implementing hyperautomation and AI-powered solutions can efficiently monitor the transactions and proactively identify the fraudulent activities. By 2022, 65% of organizations that deployed robotic process automation will introduce artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing algorithms. Thus, companies will focus on end-to-end automation by integrating the functional and process silos.

Join us as Kore.ai and Avenir come together to demystify the Hyperautomation puzzle and explain how Conversational AI and RPA can complement your automation journey. In this webinar, we will discuss:

icon-1 Ways to overcome functional or cultural challenges and deal with legacy systems
Group 76 How to successfully start your hyperautomation journey and the best practices
Group 77-1 LIVE demo with the applicable use cases and success stories

Speaker Profile


Himanshu Pitolwala, VP, Solutions Engineering at Kore.ai

Himanshu has 16+ years of experience working in large financial institutions. At Kore.ai, he handles pre-sales for chatbot solutions & bots platform, with a focus on front-office technology implementation & delivery.

Kore.ai: Kore.ai is an enterprise virtual assistant platform and solutions company enabling enterprises to automate and enhance digital interactions. BankAssist.ai - a flagship product from Kore.ai, empowers Banks & Credit Unions to offers Conversational Banking to their customers.


John Masters, Head of Marketing at Avenir

John is a highly-experienced veteran of the information technology industry. He has held senior positions in software vendors, hardware vendors, and service providers, in companies like Lotus Development, IBM, Accenture, and Silicon Graphics, and in diverse sectors. For the last ten years, John has specialized in Digital Transformation technologies, particularly automation in its many forms and AI. An incurable extrovert, John is a frequent and highly-rated speaker at supplier and industry conferences and events.

Avenir: Avenir is at the forefront of developing AI-based solutions. Avenir has partnered with Kore.ai, to improve customer services and workforce efficiency by leveraging the power of conversational AI powered virtual assistants.

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