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About the Webinar 

The recent shift in the work environment is asking employees to stretch longer than usual to get their activities accomplished and interact virtually a lot more. Business leaders with a focus on employee experience and productivity are looking for ways to make the employee experience frictionless while also achieving efficiency gains in HR and IT teams that are working tirelessly to support the business.

Join the discussion with us and discover how intelligent virtual assistants are helping every employee to automate their day-to-day tasks and allowing them to speak or chat with her whenever they want. 

Please register for the webinar jointly organized by Kore.ai - The Enterprise Virtual Assistant Platform and Solutions Company and Acronotics - a global consulting & services company specializing in Hyper Automation  & Artificial Intelligence, to witness how virtual assistants can help employees to boost their productivity.

In this webinar, you will learn

icon-1 Power of Intelligent Virtual Assistant for every employee
Group 76 Streamlining day-to-day enterprise chores with Kora out-of-the-box Productivity skills
Group 77-1 Enabling employees to access enterprise HR, ITSM & CRM systems, conversationally!

Speaker Profile

Alex Lieber, Senior Product Manager at Kore.ai

Alex comes with 24+ years of experience in building solutions that help businesses to improve their employee productivity. At Kore.ai, he works closely with Fortune 100 customers to turn use cases into products powered by natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, allowing professionals to communicate with a range of systems as if they are chatting with colleagues.

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Neeraj Nagpal, Co-Founder & CTO at Acronotics

Neeraj heads Americas business and Cognitive technology platforms at Acronotics. Neeraj focuses on building partnerships with the best technology platforms in the world that empower our clients on their digital transformation journeys and on setting up high quality automation teams & building solutions enabling clients unleash the power of robotic automation & AI technologies to transform their business.

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