Kore.ai Virtual Assistants for Health Insurance Customer Service

AI-powered virtual assistants are raising the bar of customer service excellence within the insurance industry, by automating tasks, improving efficiency and boosting employee productivity.


Why Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistants are being increasingly deployed to support live agents and reduce the time taken to onboard new clients and process claims. Resolving queries and providing information in natural conversations with enable you to your customers in a much more effective way.

Having bots front-end customers can be a big advantage as they are available 24*7 and don’t require human intervention all the time.

Other benefits of using virtual assistants in insurance industry:

  • They can speak with thousands of users in simple voice or text commands
  • Customers can retrieve information such as pricing, discounts, check status, as well as initiate applications, file claims, submit payments, add and delete assets covered, and much more.

Read our use case to understand how comfortable it is to use AI powered bots in the insurance industry.

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