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On-Demand Expert Webinar

Leveraging IVR & Conversational AI for a High-Performance Voice Assistant

Learn from PostFinance's Success Story

Dominic Spalinger

VoiceBot Product Owner, PostFinance

Discover how PostFinance, a leader in innovation, paired their IVR with Kore.ai’s platform to create a personalized, high-performance voice assistant. Join Dominic Spalinger, PostFinance's VoiceBot product owner, as he unveils the transformative process!

This webinar is best for:

Customer support, digital experience, innovation and transformation executives from businesses with high inbound support volumes.

Things you’ll learn:

Why is it imperative to add conversational intelligence to your IVR
What are the top three critical capabilities of a voice assistant
How can you select the right Conversational AI platform for your IVR
What is the business impact of a voice assistant

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