Monetizing Futures in the Digital EnterpriseMonetizing Futures in The Digital Enterprise

How to Turn Drone Data into Actions with SAP Hana Cloud Platform and Bots

Big data and analytics platforms like SAP Hana have been advancing data compression, predictive analytics, smart-streaming, computer vision and machine learning capabilities, and all of those advances and techniques also apply to drone development. But drones will also need to leverage cognitive computing, machine learning, and AI that’s rapidly advancing in enterprise-class Bots Platforms like, to become a fully actionable and autonomous system.

The combo of SAP Hana Cloud Platform and Bots allows people and businesses to gain real-time visibility, manage service requests, and add work orders directly into ERP, thus reducing reaction time from alert-to-action.

Powerful analytics tools and machine learning are transforming industries again, just as software transformed the world over the past 30 years. This presents a real opportunity for enterprises to monetize drones, improve their bottom line, help the environment, make this planet a better place to live and breath, and so much more. Are you ready to monetize drones?

Read our white paper to understand how you can monetize drones leveraging the potential of Big Data processing solution like SAP and Bots.

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