Kore.ai Guide: Tune the Natural Language of Your Bots

The Key to a Successful Rollout Guide

Tune the Natural Language of Your Virtual Assistants

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows humans to bypass programming languages to speak to computers and instead use normal human speech. It basically breaks down the barriers of communication by allowing anyone, whether they have computing knowledge or not, to talk to bots, systems, apps, or any kind of software.

The problem is, human speech is much broader and more imprecise than programming language, so just because you can talk to a system doesn't mean it will always understand you.

This technology can make employees' jobs simpler and customer engagement and satisfaction easier. However, if an unreliable engine is used, or a reliable one is not optimized properly, the solution can become the problem.

It's important for enterprises implementing virtual assistants to take this step of the process seriously. If done right, the results lead to benefits that directly impact the bottom line.

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