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Redefining Contact Center Customer Service By Low Cost Digital Solutions

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How Businesses Can Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience By Call Automation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, call centers across the world and customer support functions of many businesses struggled to operate effectively. They experienced unprecedented spikes in call volumes leading to longer wait times, large number of call drops, and extremely frustrated customers.

A crisis of any kind - a pandemic, economic slowdown, geopolitical flashpoint, or a natural disaster - can have serious consequences for your business continuity with customer service being the immediate casualty. How do you manage to deliver flawless customer support and immediate assistance of high quality, regardless of call volume? SmartAssist is your answer.

SmartAssist helps you enhance call center experience and move customer phone calls to automated low-cost digital support channels.

You will explore key strategies on:

webinar award icon 1 How to quickly setup your call center to deflect customer service calls to Voice and Text-based Virtual Agents
Asset 12 How to automate commonly occurring inquiries
Asset 8 How to enable call deflection digitally in multiple ways
Asset 11 How to setup various call deflection rules to improve call handling capacity

Speaker Profile

Michael Piotrowski, Solutions Engineer

Mike Piotrowski is a Solutions Engineer at Kore.ai. He has 20+ years of professional experience, with a focus on Digital Experience Transformation.

He has spent the last few years focused on the recreation & leisure industry. Prior to joining Kore.ai, he worked at Royal Caribbean, and deployed the Kore.ai solution on one of the largest passenger ships in the world. At Universal Orlando, he was part of the digital transformation project which culminated in the opening of the new Volcano Bay theme park in 2017. He was an Associate Partner in the mobile practice at IBM, and was part of the IBM/Apple alliance.

His broader industry experience includes Telecom (AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint/Frontier), Energy (Duke Energy/Excel Energy), Manufacturing (Kaiser Aluminum), Chemicals (BP), and Banking.




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