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Upgrade Your Guest Service Experience with Conversational AI

What is the holy grail for the hospitality sector? Ensuring a tailored experience for your guests. A majority of hotel guests report that they do not get personalised experience during their stay. Guests prefer quick and easy ways to get their questions answered and needs, resolved. If this is done right, guests tend to spend more, respond favourably to offers, and make more frequent purchases. But if engagements are not handled well, spending might stop due to the bad experience.

Leveraging AI-powered chatbots can prove to be significantly cheaper than channels that need human intervention. Bots conduct right-fit/right-time conversations to answer the question or issue at hand, deliver meaningful advice, and make everyday care easier and more helpful.

Get in touch for a free platform demo around use cases such as personalised travel advice, loyalty program promotions, actionable responses for check-in or check-out, one-on-one guidance, triaging customer service and support requests. We will show you how to achieve significant cost savings as you leverage AI-powered chatbots driven by the award-winning platform.

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