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Revolutionizing the Contact Center for Optimized Customer and Agent Experiences

Consumers migrated to online services at accelerated rates last year, but this hasn’t lessened the pressure on customer experience (or CX) teams — in fact it’s done the opposite. In Salesforce’ State of Service 2020 report, 88% of service professionals reported that the pandemic had revealed technology gaps and 86% said the same for service channel gaps. Unable to use in-store (CX) employees in the same capacity as before, businesses must now find new and improved ways to leverage their contact center agents for optimized customer service. Increasingly, this means investing in technology and, specifically, in AI.

The number of customer service requests may have gone up, but the most strategic companies understand that meeting this new need doesn’t require hiring more employees. Instead, it’s about deploying AI in a way that efficiently addresses routine queries, freeing up contact center agents for other higher value tasks. Join this panel of conversational AI experts to uncover how to revolutionize your contact center operations, without losing your most valuable team members and while maximizing CX and AX (Agent Experiences).

Join Raj Koneru, CEO of Kore.AI, and a panel of experts for the first episode in the series "From the Routine to the Extraordinary: The Power of AI-Driven Experience Optimization." This discussion will include insights on:

  • What experiences do consumers really want today and how can conversational AI play a role
  • Examining parts of the contact center that require an innovation upgrade
  • Understanding the inter-relationship between AI-native agent assistance and CX
  • Learning about AI-augmented versus AI-native deployment models