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Turn Prospects into Customers: Intelligent Sales Assistant Bots by Kore.ai

Kore.ai Bots can increase sales productivity by automating and streamlining common tasks and by helping move prospects through the sales funnel – freeing up time for your team to focus on exceeding customer expectations and building lasting relationships.

Read Kore.ai’s Brochure to know how Kore.ai Bots can empower sales teams to close more deals. In this document, you gain insight into:

  • How bots built on the Kore.ai platform can understand and act on people’s text and voice commands to create and update system data, pull information or reports, and answer questions from FAQs, documents and websites.They can also have complex and meaningful conversations with users.
  • How our platform includes pre-built bots for the most common enterprise CRM systems. These bots can be used ‘as-is’, or customized to fit your unique requirements and needs.
  • How our Bot for Sales comes pre-loaded with 20+ tasks, so you can get up and running in just 4-6 weeks.

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