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About the Webinar 

It’s time for banks to get conversational with customers. The accelerated mobile usage by consumers and rapid advances in AI and ML technology is forcing the banks in the GCC region to rethink the way they engage with digital customers. As consumers are asking for a frictionless, and convenient environment to perform banking transactions across multiple channels, they expect a similar level of service and convenience from their bank.

Banking Virtual Assistants are now enabling banks to explore new opportunities to transform customer experience and enhance customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates, all while driving down costs.

Join the webinar as Kore.ai and Raqmiyat come together to discuss the possibilities for your business when you can unleash the full power of conversational AI. In this webinar you can learn how to

icon-1 Augment customer's banking experience and humanize their conversations
Group 76 Help consumers with their banking queries, payments, transactions, and much more
Group 77-1 Enhance the call center by leveraging the voice/chat-based conversational techniques

Speaker Profile

Peter Berbee, VP - Financial Services Product Management at Kore.ai

Peter Berbee is a seasoned product development executive who drives innovation within Kore.ai’s financial services offerings. As an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, he blends technology, automation, and digital capabilities to deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences that increase loyalty, repeat business, and revenue growth.

Kore.ai: Kore.ai is an enterprise virtual assistant platform and solutions company enabling enterprises to automate and enhance digital interactions. BankAssist.ai - a flagship product from Kore.ai, empowers Banks & Credit Unions to offers Conversational Banking to their customers.

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Mahesh Vishwanath, Director – Digital Transformation at Raqmiyat

Mahesh Vishwanath focuses on delivering digital innovation & transformation solutions and heads the Digital Transformation practice at Raqmiyat by leveraging the company’s robust technology partner eco-system and the company’s Centre of Excellence for delivering enterprise grade projects. The vision of his portfolio is to deliver best in class customer experiences via digital product capabilities such as Conversational AI Platform, Low Code MXDP Platform, RPA, Business Transformation tools etc. Mahesh brings more than 15+ years of experience leading business units in areas such as consulting, business transformation, digital banking, technology modernization, and innovation.

Raqmiyat, has partnered with Kore.ai, to support the digital initiatives of customers by enabling human and machine interactions to be more conversational and effective.

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