Budgeting and Strategizing for Enterprise Conversational AI - V1

Budgeting and Strategizing for Enterprise Conversational AI

Conversational AI scores high among the technologies business leaders are looking to implement. Gartner places it at the center-stage of enterprise adoption, with a 48% YoY spike in interest among CIOs who believe using chatbots/virtual assistants will vastly improve customer experience, boost productivity and reduce costs. But this optimism is tempered with fear and uncertainty of future.

How can technology leaders champion the case for chatbots within their enterprise when costs and benefits are harder to predict?

Unlike traditional IT projects, conversational AI implementations present unique challenges due to complexity, opaqueness and unpredictability. Moving to enterprise-grade, production AI solutions is fraught with searching questions:
  • What’s the strategic relevance of chatbots for our business? Who will it benefit? Should it be B2E or B2C?
  • Which enterprise function should we target first? Which is the low hanging fruit that delivers the maximum impact?
  • Which use cases should we pick for implementation? What’s the criterion behind it? AI systems have inbuilt unpredictability, so shouldn’t we look for proven certainty first and easily scale-up from there?
  • What should be the measures of success for chatbots implementation?
  • What solution and technology framework are we intending to deploy? Should we build in-house, buy a turnkey solution, or outsource development of a customized framework?
Learn a lot on all of these along with creating a framework for scalability in this webinar with Mini Suri, Chief Customer Success Officer (CCSO) at Kore.ai. Join-in if you wish to help your organization think ahead of the curve. 

Speaker Profiles:

Mini Suri, CCSO, Kore.ai

Mini Suri, Chief Customer Success Officer (CCSO) at Kore works closely with global enterprises in defining strategy and implementation roadmap for Conversational AI. She comes with over 22 years of diverse experience. Prior to joining at Kore.ai, she was leading Uber's Center of Excellence (CoE) for Intelligent Automation that comprises robotic process automation (RPA) and chatbot practices. Before that, Mini was Senior Vice President at Citi Group for their Services Strategy that focuses on enterprise automation using advanced technologies such as chatbots, ML and AI.

Mini Suri, CCO, Kore ai

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