Facebook Workplace - Entering Conversational Era

The Why, What and How of Bringing Dialog to Your Digital Strategy with Chatbots

Watch our on-demand webinar, hosted by in collaboration with Workplace by Facebook.

See what we've learned from our experience building an enterprise-grade Virtual Assistant Platform and helping 75 Global 2000 companies with their bot deployments. We invite you to discover how we're laying the groundwork for others, so you can maximize your own approach.

  • Why Virtual Assistants? - A simple overview of why conversational technology is on the rise
  • Hype vs. reality - Real use cases and insight into what's possible, what should be possible, and what's myth
  • Lessons learned - Emerging themes from our inaugural deployments and even some pitfalls to avoid
  • Where to start - Step-by-step plan and essentials fro an enterprise-ready strategy