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Infographic - 6 Ways AI Chatbot can Transform Banking Industry



According to research from Accenture, around 7% of Canadians and 11% of Americans switch banks every year.

To build a robust future that can respond to the ever-changing customer expectation and digital landscape, banks and financial institutions, are heavily investing in chatbots to deliver contextual information and act as a human agent to address the right person at the right time and through the preferred channel.

This has helped all the stakeholders involved in the banking scene from CXOs, CFOs to the end customer.

Leveraging the potential of Conversation AI driven chatbots, banks can:

  • Help to automate customer query resolution and collect critical information pertaining to fraud detection and potentially impacted bank users.
  • Push relevant content to end users and analyze user engagement.
  • Lead an organization’s personalized methodology and create incremental income. (ROI)

In this Infographic, Kore.ai details why leading global banks are deploying chatbots and how banks can benefit from it.

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