How the Financial Services Industry can adjust to the new normal with Conversational AI

This pandemic has hit us all globally, and as we start to adjust to the New Normal, Banks and Financial Institutions find themselves juggling some big priorities that require innovative steps to reposition now while also recalibrating for the future. How can you change your operating model to build scale when you have to cut cost? How can you take your digital experience to the next level to drive further customer engagement and also deliver enhanced self-service capabilities in multiple channels?

While this is a tough task, we can do this today with our Conversational AI Platform. Come and join Paul Andrusyshyn, GM - Financial Services, and Peter Berbee, VP of Financial Services Product Management, where they discuss: 

  • The future of the workplace environment within Financial Services – Hybrid, Distributed, and Defined Spaces
  • New Customer Experiences for Digital, Talk, and Text - Evolving beyond traditional IVR, Web, and Mobile banking models.
  • Leveraging Conversational AI to scale Digitally and re-imagine Call Center operations, customer support, and back-office processes.

Webinar Schedule:

Date: May 28, 2020

Time: 10 AM (EDT)


Paul Andrusyshyn, GM - Financial Services

Paul Andrusyshyn focuses on delivering next-generation talk/text and digital solutions leveraging the company’s multi-tenant low-code/no-code conversational AI platform. Paul brings more than 25 years of experience leading business units in areas such as digital banking, fintech, technology modernization, and innovation, consumer banking, commercial banking, sales, and consulting.

Paul Andrusyshyn 2

Peter Berbee, VP - Financial Services Product Management

Peter Berbee is a seasoned product development executive who drives innovation within’s financial services offerings. As an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, he blends technology, automation, and digital capabilities to deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences that increase loyalty, repeat business, and revenue growth.


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