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German multinational bank deploys IT support virtual assistant to increase containment from 23% to 40%


German multinational bank


The Customer

The leading multinational investment bank operates in 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It has more than 78,000 employees worldwide.


Due to the high number of tickets opened on the ticketing system, IT support Agents abandoned 10% of support queries on ServiceNow. A simple hardware service or replacement, or login or password reset issues would take a few hours to a day to resolve building employee frustration.


A virtual assistant was built using Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform, particularly the visual dialog builder in the platform was used to prototype and build dialogs for around 100+ IT support FAQs. The virtual assistant is integrated with ServiceNow to fetch and resolve tickets. The virtual assistant can understand natural language and solve routine IT support issues in a matter of seconds than the hours it would take manually.

Interactions -icon


Interactions handled by the VA
containment -icon


containment achieved from 23% earlier


tickets per month handled by the VA


Do you find that your IT staff is inundated with routine queries and busy handling mundane tickets? Read the full case study to find out how you can leverage the power of conversational AI to augment your IT support function.


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