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Public Service Credit Union Reduces Agent-Serviced Calls by 24% in just 30 Days




The Customer

Public Service Credit Union is a community credit union with 15 locations in the Metro Detroit Area. It is a full-service financial institution dedicated to serving members since 1952. PSCU is devoted to providing its members with a lifetime of dependable financial service. Like all credit unions, PSCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative that returns profits to the members in the form of lower rates on loans and higher savings yields.


With growth in customer volume, Public Service Credit Union began noticing increasingly stressed staff, longer hold times, and concern with offering the same level of high quality service they are known for. Their call center agents were:

  • Too busy servicing repetitive questions and requests from members 
  • Unable to offer new, better member service add-ons


A voice enabled intelligent virtual assistant that integrated into the credit union’s existing IVR system to provide conversational, personalized self-service options and around the clock support for their members.

By streamlining many of the repetitive questions that the intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) now answers, PSCU successfully reduced the burden on their agents allowing them to focus more on outbound sales calls - without any significant cost.

PSCU team, with the help of Kore.ai’s intelligent AI-based solutions - BankAssist and SmartAssist, was able to automate their contact center processes and reduce call volume by 25%.

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Reduction in live-agent serviced calls

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Call Containment rate


Learn more about how PSCU’s contact center improved their member experience with AI-powered Kore.ai solutions.


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