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Create a Next-Level Experience for Guests and Frontline Team Members with a Scalable Conversational and Generative AI Solution

As the foodservice landscape continues to evolve, guest expectations are on the rise and the constant struggle to enable frontline staff is presenting new challenges for businesses. That is where Kore.ai can make a significant difference. With an innovative, AI-forward solution that leverages a fine-tuned LLM trained for foodservice, substantial value for your business is just weeks away.



Meet Guests Where They are With an Intuitive,

Human-like Virtual Assistant That Works Together

with Your Team Members

Deploy an intelligent virtual assistant to deliver a conversational experience that feels sophisticated yet easy-to-use across channels that your guests are already familiar with. Whether it be in the drive-thru, on a mobile app, at a kiosk, or interacting with Google Business Messenger, provide them with the consistent experience they expect and deserve.

Kore.ai offers a rapidly deployable solution that targets critical guest, employee, and contact center use cases to create substantial impact for the business.

Enhance the Guest Experience

Cutting-edge order-taking automation with human-like responses and human-in-the-loop integration to truly delight your guests.

Optimize Guest Engagements

Dynamic automation that slashes wait times, never misses an order, and personalizes on your customers' preferred channels.

Amplify Revenue Opportunities

Intelligently upsell and personalize to boost average ticket size without frustrating guests.

Maximize Team-Member Productivity

Focus team members on high-value tasks to drive compliance, productivity, accuracy and increase guest satisfaction.

Built for Food Service

Designed, Built, and Trained for Foodservice to bring a conversational interface to any Guest-facing or Team Member-facing application.

Scalable Enterprise-Grade LLMs Trained for Foodservice

Scale AI across the entire enterprise with a fine-tuned LLM enabling control of Generative AI Costs, Performance, and Data Security.

Weeks Not Months to Impact: Deploy Rapidly - Expand Naturally

Create immediate impact for your business with pre-built virtual assistants that target critical guest and team member interactions with a focus on high-value use cases.

Smiling customer paying by credit card at the bakery

Experience conversational search

Offer intelligent, contextual, and personalized search experience in every interaction across your web and mobile channels.

Experience conversational search

Through unified conversational search and chat interface.

Features Title

Curabitur et pretium mi. Cras nec urna ut magna vehicula.

Features Title

Curabitur et pretium mi. Cras nec urna ut magna vehicula.

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