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We have a library of resources around our thought leadership. Our product experts have years in this industry and love to share their knowledge with the community. You will be able to watch webinars, download infographics and whitepapers,  or watch our product videos. 

Whether you want

    • to deploy smart chatbots for your organisation's internal consumption (think IT support, HR, etc.) or for customer facing needs (think customer support, lead generation), 
    • to integrate chatbot support for a product / solution that you've developed
    • to leverage Kore's platform to deploy chatbot based solution for your clients

Our resident experts will help you evaluate the best approach and take the right decision. Click the button below to schedule a call and discuss the best way to implement chatbots for your project.

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Understanding the
ROI of Enterprise

Realizing Exceptional
Experiences with Conversational

A Prescription for Better
Patient Outcomes and a More
Profitable Business

How can banks differentiate their digital touch points and drive greater engagement?

Kore.ai Virtual Assistant Platform Architecture

30 Powerful Chatbot Use Cases for Enterprises

Basics of AI and Chatbots – Facebook Workplace


Kore.ai Virtual Assistants for Health Insurance Customer Service

Welcome to the Era of AI-powered Chatbots

6 Ways AI Chatbot can Transform Banking Industry

How Chatbots Enhance Customer Service with Sentiment Analysis

Insurance Bots: The Rise of Automated Insurance Agents

Chatbots Are The New Automated Insurance Agents

Executive Briefs

Shopping with
Conversational Retail

Riding the Digital Wave to Conversational BankingConversational banking ebooks download

Exceptional Experiences with
Conversational Hospitality

Conversational hospitality ebooks download

Better Patient Outcomes
and More Profitable Business

Healthcare chatbots eBooks

White Papers

6 Trends Shaping Enterprise Applications

Discover How IT Organizations Leverage the Potential of Messaging

5 signs your company is caught in communication chaos

Conversational Commerce Chatbot Platform

Shopping with
Conversational Retail

NLP: Solving “Lost in Translation” of H2C Interaction

Natural language processing whitepaper

6 Trends Shaping Enterprise Applications

6 Trends Shaping Enterprise Applications


Enhance Employee Productivity
with AI-Powered
Personal Assistants

The art of implementing
a Conversational
AI project

Hyperautomation in Banking:
Bringing Conversational
AI and RPA Together

Hyperautomation in Banking-1

Unleash the Power of Conversational AI in Banking and Financial Services Industry


Budgeting and Strategizing for Enterprise Conversational AI

The Journey from Traditional
IVR to Conversational IVR


20 minute Bot Builder Demo

Navigating the Bot Builder

Create a Bot

Task types

Airlines Video

ITSM Video

NLP Training


How to transform ITSM roles and
operations with Kore.ai Bots

Turn Prospects into Customers: Intelligent Sales Assistant Bots