Businesses are fast adapting conversation technologies to elevate customer experiences for both internal employees and external customers. Businesses aim to improve customer experience and also reduce cost, by integrating the right conversational AI technology into the process. Industries such as - banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, telecom, etc are looking at deploying Conversational AI-powered virtual assistants across their systems. With virtual assistants, organizations are looking to ensure a consistent, tailored-user experience across all channels. Besides, AI-powered virtual assistants can help mitigate risks and enable business continuity in times of disruption.

Businesses have to consider many factors to understand what they want conversational AI technology to fulfill. But, when do you need Conversational AI in your business, or how to choose the best virtual assistant for your workflow and business needs? 

Kore’s information-packed brochures tell you how virtual assistants can improve your customer interactions or when you need NLP (Natural Language Processing) that allows you to break down, process, and determine the required action. Download the brochures and reach out to us if you have any questions. 

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ITSM roles and operations

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